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Guaranteed Website Loading Speeds

We offer Guaranteed Website Loading Speeds of 5 seconds or under – or you get a full refund. There are so many factors in website load speeds that are beyond our control, even beyond your control.

We may be able to significantly improve on the minimum 5 second guarantee, but among the factors neither of us control are:

  • How many other websites are on a Shared Web Hosting Account – the only time you have full control is if you have dedicated web hosting that just has your website on it, nothing else.
  • How many people are actively doing stuff on the web hosting at one time.  If there are 20 websites on a Shared Hosting account, your website will load faster when no-one is actively working on their website than if all 20 are beavering away.
  • How your website has been built.  If it is NOT “mobile friendly” then we obviously need to fix this before we can even start working on your website load speed.
  • How many Images are on your website and whether they have been resized to fit your website and optimized for fast loading.

Guaranteed Website Loading Speeds

Our aim is to get you a Website Loading Speed of 3 seconds or under, provided your Hosting is not sabotaging your website loading speed.

Please note that Website Loading Speed can vary, depending on how and where you measure it.  If you have a SLOW internet provider, then everything you load will be slow because your internet is slow.  Your computer will also affect loading – the faster the computer, the faster everything loads! The level of internet traffic generally can mean you get varying results at different times for the same search. For example, checking your website loading speed between 3pm and 4pm (just as the kids are getting home from school and diving onto the internet) and between midnight and 1am will give different results. Here is a link to further info on Website Loading Speed Analysis

For the above reasons, we need to look at your website first before we can give you a definite Quote.

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