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Because so many things impact on your Website Loading Speed we need to do a quick check on your website before we can Quote you.

Please advise:

  • Your website address
  • Your Login Name for WordPress
  • Your Login Password for WordPress
  • Your Domain Login details (url, username, password)
  • Your Web Hosting Login details (url, username, password)

We will do a quick check on your website and provide a FREE REPORT. If your website is badly built and on rubbish hosting, there may not be too much we can do. If this is the case, we will be honest and upfront and tell you so, rather than taking your money and then coming up with all sorts of excuses about why it did not work. Email details to

Among the many variables are:

    • The Quality of your web hosting (beyond our control, unless you want to change webhosts)
    • The number of websites using Shared Hosting
    • The quality of the building of your website
    • How big your website is
    • Your Internet connection and the time of day (some days at certain times there may just be lots of internet traffic) –
      try connecting to our video site www.VideoMarketing which loads lightening quick – if it does not your internet connection is the problem.

We also do a backup of your website before we start – so if you are not backing up your website regularly we will enable this for you as part of our services.

Sometimes there is nothing we can do, especially with Free Hosting (you get what you pay for) – So we reserve the right to reject websites that are simply impossible to fix without starting again from scratch.

If you are about to build a website, go with us and we can fix these things from day 1.  Like buildings, the better the foundations the better the finished product.  The speed with which your website loads is also a major factor in Google Rankings.

In addition we only work with WordPress and HTML websites.  If you are with a specific website builder like Wix, Squarespace, Weebly etc, then you are locked into their system.

Make My Website Faster For New Websites

You can check out our main site at

Email or ring Terry Terry on 0468 420 470 and let’s get you started!

To give you a Ballpark figure, speeding up your website will be a minimum of $395 and a maximum of $695 – but the increased visitors mean increased revenue for you; so this is an investment in more profits, not a cost.