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How To Keep Your Website Secure

There are a variety of WordPress Plugins that will help keep your website secure, but using too many of them slows down your website load speed – and using too few of them may not protect your website adequately. Our years of experience have taught us exactly the right mix of plugins to use.

In addition, we set up SSL (your Secure Socket Layer) in such a way as to provide a Firewall.

A massive – but often overlooked – issue for website security is Backups.  Before we touch your website, we create a Backup.  After we finish optimizing your website, we create a Backup.  If you do not have a Backup Plugin on your site, we install one for you.

If you are running a Membership site or have Online Ordering, SSL is critical.  Unfortunately few people think about SSL until a customer tells them that vital information has been leaked from their website; maybe their address, phone number, even credit card details.  SSL prevents this by “encrypting” information being transferred over the internet.  Equally important, if Google displays a “this website is not secure” warning, would-be customers will probably go elsewhere.

From July 2018 onward, having https in front of your website became a factor in Google rankings; Google will promote one of two otherwise equally ranked websites if one has SSL and the other does not.

Also, SSL does not provide 100% protection in isolation.  Keeping Plugins and Themes up to date on your website is also vital, as older versions may provide back door avenues to sensitive info.

You can of course install SSL yourself, but it is complicated and time consuming.  Go with us for speeding up your website and you get SSL included! Here is more info on How To Keep Your Website Secure

How To Keep Your Website Secure

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