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Improve Your Google Ranking

To improve your Google ranking, a fast loading website is vital.

Page load speed has been one of several Google ranking factors for some time now – Ranking a really slow website is almost impossible these days.  This is especially true on mobile searches, not only for Google ranking but because your potential clients will not wait for a slow site to load. Like it or not, your websites needs to load quicker than most of your competitors or they will get most of the traffic. Of course, website load speed is only of the factors Google uses to rank your website, but it is a critical factor.

Of course, Google is not the only consideration.  How long do YOU wait for a website to load?  In our fast paced world, if your website does not load in under 5 seconds you are dead in the water. Step 1 is to get your website onto page 1 of Google; Step 2 is getting people to click through and actually view your website. Speeding up your website helps with both of these. Your customers mindset is also important. If you have a website on Page 1 of Google and it loads in under 3 seconds, you have created a positive mindset for your potential client and improved your chances of them doing business with you.  On the other hand, if your website takes 10 seconds to load they will either leave or be in a bad mindset when your website finally loads. Rightly or wrongly, it also gives a first impression of your business … If they cannot even get their website to load quickly, how much help are they going to be?  Illogical, but that is the way people think.  You may be the best plumber in town but a poor website experience creates a poor mindset in the customer.

To Improve Your Google Ranking is complex – See what Google itself says here

Improve Your Google Ranking

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